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External Optical Drives, also known as external CD or DVD drives, are a useful device to have if your computer does not have a built in optical drive. Such is the case for the Apple MacBook Air and the HP EliteBook 840. Though the use of CD's and DVD's is becoming less popular, they are still commonplace in the university setting. Optical Drives are available for rental by students and staff at TSC and the library.

Problems playing a CD/DVD

If you have problems playing a CD/DVD you should reinstall the software from the Control Panel.


Apple computers need no extra programs or software to play DVD's or CD's, due to the fact that they have a program titled "DVD Player", which is programed into the Mac's OS X operating system.


Windows computers, however, need a DVD or CD playing program installed in order to properly use an external optical drive. To play DVD movies Cyberlink PowerDVD is recommended. PowerDVD can be installed from the WSU network. The HP 840 comes with PowerDVD preinstalled, however there is a bug in that version that might make movie playback complicated. Technical Support recommends installing this version from the network.

To Install

  • Note: You will have to uninstall CyberLink PowerDVD first if it is installed on your laptop so that when you install the software from our network you will get the appropriate license to go with the software.
  • Open the Control Panel > Under Programs select 'Remove Programs' find CyberLink PowerDVD and remove the software.
  • To install CyberLink PowerDVD from the network open the Control Panel > Click on “Get Programs” under the Programs heading.


  • Then choose "Cyberlink PowerDVD".


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