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  • Audience - All WSU instructors interested in using digital lab sensor technologies in their curriculum.
  • Overview - Gary Shields (Physics) discusses his use of Lap Pro in Physics lab courses.
  • Tools Used

Meet the Faculty Member

Mr. Gary Shields, WSU Instructor of Physics, received his B.S. and M.E. from Winona State University. After teaching six year at the high school level, he came back to WSU and has been teaching here for the past five years. Among other courses, he teaches Physics 115: Conceptual Physics, Physics 201: General Physics I, and Physics 202: General Physics II.

Office: Pasteur Hall

Phone: 507.457.2257

Email: gshields@winona.edu

Viewing the Interview Segments

The full interview is divided into three segments. Select play to begin viewing Segment 1. Switch to other segments at any time using the right and left handles on the sides of the viewer or by mousing over the bottom of the viewer to reveal the segment thumbnails and clicking one to move to that segment. Mouse over the top of the viewer to reveal the current segment title.

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Segment Descriptions

  1. Why do you use LabPro in your classes? Gary explains here that the before they would need to do labs from a conceptual level, the data was not real, and the amount of depth of lab experiments and frequency is greater.
  2. Describe how this technology is used within your lab courses. Gary describes how LabPro pugs into many different types of sensors (e.g. photo gates, temperature sensors, pH meteors, etc.) can be used to capture experimental data, pull data onto the laptop, and graph this data for further analysis by the student.
  3. How might other faculty use LabPro? Gary shares his thought about how the technology can be used in many disciplines and why the technology greatly inspires students to connect with the scientific discovery process.

Key Outcomes

  • Students find the process engaging and connect with the lab because they are conducting real experiments with meaningful outcomes.
  • The potential for doing cross-curriculum student research is facilitated greatly by using LabPro with different sensors or in different lab settings.
  • The technology is also easy to use and incorporate to other stetting that might not otherwise have been able to take the learning past a conceptual level.

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