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General Information

  • Audience - All WSU instructors interested in utilizing class-capture tools to record content for their courses.
  • Interview Date - 5/29/2014
  • Tools Used - Tegrity

Meet the Faculty Member

Dr. Nikki Civettini, WSU Professor in Sociology, received her B.A. in Sociology at Marquette University, M.A. in Sociology at the University of Iowa, and Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Iowa. If you would like to see more about Dr. Civettini see her CV here.

Viewing the Interview Segments

NOTE: The video segments are temporarily unavailable.

The full interview is divided into nine segments. Select play to begin viewing Segment 1. Switch to other segments at any time using the right and left handles on the sides of the viewer or by mousing over the bottom of the viewer to reveal the segment thumbnails and clicking one to move to that segment. Mouse over the top of the viewer to reveal the current segment title. Brief segment descriptions are listed below.

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Segment Descriptions

  1. Introduction In this segment Nikki introduces herself.
  2. Could you tell us about the class-capture tool (i.e. Tegrity) you are using in your classes? Nikki explains in this section what and how she used Tegrity in her classes.
  3. What are the larger goals you have for using this tool? Here she explains how this is a tool she is using to flip her classes.
  4. Could you describe further how you are flipping your courses?Nikki describes how she is using captured video to conduct lectures, provide directions and review of materials before class and then talks about how this impacts here classroom.
  5. What are some of the outcomes are seeing from your students in this type of learning? here Nikki provides student testimony collected over the years as she has used this in her classroom.
  6. What are some of the changes you see in a class where you have captured content that is viewed before class? Nikki provides some powerful observations about how in this type of learning environment you are able to really get to know your students and they are able to interact as peers much more deeply.
  7. What advice would you give to an instructor interested in using class-capture technologies and flipped learning strategies in their classes?Playing and recording lectures at your own pace is really helpful, Nikki explains, and I am able to take my time and add more resources to videos I record after the initial is done.
  8. What are some of the challenges of capturing content for your classes? Initially, she felt apprehensive about all the technical connections, but soon felt very comfortable recording and sharing these out with her students.
  9. How did you learn about Tegrity and what has it done for you? Nikki explains the very personal impact of this tool and the way it helps her continue and thrive in her work.

Key Outcomes

  • Because lecture content is done outside of class she is able to connect with her student more and they are able to connect with each other more deeply.
  • Recording and playing back content at your own pace allows you to dig deeper than you would have in class and provide more comprehensive lectures that can be used over time.
  • Having the ability to record any time allows here to take breaks and prevent fatigue.

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