February 2010 Faculty Development D2L Grade Book Presentation

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This page includes the agenda for the Faculty Development Presentation on the D2L grade book held on February 19th, 2010 in the Jack Kane Dining Room from 11:00 to 1:00.


The Fastest D2L Grade Book Ever

  • Adding numeric grade items
  • Entering student grades
  • Backing up your grade book
  • What students see

Putting Your D2L Grade Book to Work

  • Points-based versus weighted grade books
    • Configure early, but not often
    • The formula-based approach: A special points-based grade book
  • Using grade categories
    • Distributing points and weights across category items
    • Dropping the lowest or highest scores in a category
  • Including extra credit and bonus items
    • What's the difference between the two?
    • Applying them to a category or the entire grade book
  • Grade schemes
    • Creating, editing, copying, and deleting grade schemes
    • Setting a default grade scheme
    • Applying specific grade schemes to specific grade items
    • Displaying grade scheme values in the grade book
  • Transferring grades on quizzes, discussion topics, dropbox folders, and rubrics

Enhancing Student Feedback

  • Adding comments
  • Adding calculated items
  • Adding text items
  • Releasing a calculated running total
  • Releasing a final grade
    • Calculated versus adjusted final grades
    • Recalculating final grades