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Tegrity is an online recording system that allows faculty to capture content from their computer, video, and audio for students to play back any time. Tegrity allows you to play this class content back from your computer, tablet, iPhone, iPad, or MP3 player. The following article explains how you can play (i.e. stream) content your professor provides within your D2L courses.

Playing Tegrity Recordings

Step 1. You must first log into D2L and find the Tegrity link. Faculty can place this link anywhere (although it typically is found in the Materials menu under Content). NOTE: Your browser will block Tegrity, as it is a popup, and you will need to allow this to load the Tegrity Viewer.

Tegrity Step 1.PNG

Here are the procedures for opening Tegrity in each browser.

Tegrity Step 1 Popups for all browsers.PNG

Step 2. Once you create the provision for Tegrity to load you will see the following screen and will be able to play a class recording by clicking on the name and then the Play button.

Tegrity Viewer Final.PNG

Step 3. Some browsers will require a media player to be loaded before the recording will play. Simply follow the directions for downloading and installing this media player and restart the browser.

Note: If you are having trouble with your browser not playing the Tegrity recording please use the Tegrity Diagnostics tool found in the lower left corner of the Tegrity player screen (see red arrow below).

Tegriy Diagnostics Tool.png

and make sure to select the Test my computer link.

Tegriy Diagnostics Tool 2.png

This diagnostic tool will identify any missing programs or problems that the player is having and recommend changes necessary to fix the playback problem.

Playing Tegrity Recordings on iPad

First you will need to download the Tegrity app from the App Store. Search for Tegrity and download the app.


Once the app has finished downloading, open it.


On your computer follow the steps you would usually take to view a Tegrity recording. Once on the recording selection screen choose "my account" from the top right menu.


Under Mobile select "Generate Code".


On your iPad where it says "Connection Code" type in the code you generated on your computer.


You should now be able to view Tegrity Recordings on your iPad.

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