How to Make a Website (DW)/Step 2 - Set-up Site

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Before you can start designing a site in Dreamweaver you must establish a site definition. This tells Dreamweaver where all the files will be stored on your computer and where they will be stored on the internet.

Notes on File Sizes

Files for the web should be as small in filesize as possible to conserve bandwidth.

For example, digital cameras tend to take pictures in much higher resolution then can be displayed on the web adequately. It is recommended you take these programs into an image editing software (such as Photoshop) and crop or shrink them down to a web friendly size (something not over 1,000 pixels wide or tall, this is on the high end of sizes).

Define a Site

In Dreamweaver the Welcome Screen offers an option to Define a New Site.

Dreamweaver startup menu.png

Or using the top menu click on Site > Manage Sites to create new site. There you will find a listing of all your sites. If you already have one you started for your website click on it and click edit and verify your settings. Otherwise click New Site.

Mac or PC?

To set up a new site on a Mac, follow Mac Instructions
To set up a new site on a PC, follow PC Instructions

Other Considerations

If you are using your own webhost contact them for what upload method they prefer--WebDev, FTP, etc.

If you are using a WSU provided webserver reference that servers page for connect info.

Steps to make a website in Dreamweaver