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Frames or tables can be used to implement most Web page layouts.

Frames or Framesets are popular for many reasons. One of the main uses for them is because it allows you to display banner and navigation areas that never leave the viewers sight while linking through the rest of the pages. This can be an asset if your pages are heavy and take a while to load. The viewer has something to look at and is less likely to leave.

Instructions on how to use Frames for pages can be found in online Dreamweaver help.

Adobe discourages the use of frames for web page layout. Some of the disadvantages of using frames include:

  • Precise graphical alignment of elements in different frames can be difficult.
  • Testing the navigation can be time-consuming.
  • The URL of the individual framed pages don’t appear in browsers, so it can be difficult for a visitor to bookmark a specific page (unless you provide server code that enables them to load a framed version of a particular page).

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