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Tables are widely used by Web designers to do page layout.

Tables give a designer control over the positioning of images and text on the page.

To insert a table in an HTML document, choose Insert>Table from the menu. This Dialog will appear.

The table is set to 3 rows and 1 column by default.

You should change these to suit your design, keeping in mind that cells can be merged in their rows or between columns to make larger space.

Individual cells can also be defined with fixed space (by pixels); otherwise they will distribute space proportionately to what is open on the display, getting bigger or smaller depending upon the space on the display.

The width of the table can be set to a fixed-size by defining the number of pixels. The width can be set to variable-size by defining the size in terms of percentage. For example, if the table is set to 80%-90% and then centered, will automatically place the table with room on either side of the table, showing empty space and wrapping text inside of the the table.

You can also define CellPad and CellSpace:

  • CellPad = The number of pixels between a cell’s content and the cell boundaries.
  • CellSpace =The number of pixels between adjacent table cells.
NOTE: these settings affect the spacing of objects in the rows/columns. You may want to modify them to get the result you want. In our Portfolio we will be using a setting of 5 pixels.

Cell Border thickness of +1 will draw a line which will appear between cells.


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