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You can position a table to display on the page by several methods and variations in Dreamweaver.

The default is a flush left. Because of the padding to cells in the tables, the table will be a little lower than the top the window of the web browser and a little to the left of the left side of it.

For reasons of aesthetics you might want to put your contents into the center of the window or closer to it. You can does this in two ways:

  1. alignment of the table; or
  2. setting the margins to offset contents (from the top or the sides).

Alignment of Tables: Left? Center?

To change the alignment of the table as a whole,

  • Select Table by clicking anywhere in it and selecting the tag "Table" at the top of the properties. (See illustration)
  • Use the properties option for Align, and choose center. Or use the menu Format>Align>Center.

DW center table align.png

Recommended: We have recommended the use of the default (flush-left) alignment in our web pages.
Some of the slideshow options in Step 7 cannot be embedded in tables, and they may not center with the same
margins as the rest of your content which is inside the table.

Setting Margins

DW page properties AppearanceCSS.png
Your table and other contents on your pages can be offset by margins defined by CSS.

You can set margins to the top or left or right sides of the page by CSS using the Page Properties.

  • Click on the bottom for Page Properties in your properties panel or use the menu Modify>Page Properties.
  • Select the tab "Appearance (CSS)" — the first tab.
  • Set margins for left and top. You may offset the margins by pixels (px) or percentage (%) or other units of measure.
  • Click on "Apply" in the dialog.
  • Save the page.

Recommended: For margins for the top a setting of 10 to 30 px (pixels);
for margins for the left, try 10% (percent) or a fixed width of about 150 pixels.

Other Resources

Specific help on creating and managing tables for design is found here!

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