How to Make a Website (DW)/Step 8- Make a Text or Document Portfolio Page/Design Option: Converting to and Using PDF Documents

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Converting Documents to PDF Format

Your applications all include a utility built-in to them which can convert any document into a PDF.

This can be done by using File>Save as... and choosing PDF format.

Alternatively, this can be done in File>Print... and choosing PDF format in lieu of printing.

This utility should be available to any of the document and publication applications you may use including:

Adding PDF Documents to Portfolio as Separate Pages or Links

PDF files cannot be embedded in HTML pages.

If a link is created to a PDF document it will sometimes display in the browser and sometimes launch Adobe Reader for viewing outside the browser.

The instructions below will provide for cases in which the PDF document is displayed inside the browser, and will guide you to make the document appear as a separate window or tab so your main menu is still available in another window or tab.

Use Property inspector and the Point-To-File icon to create links from an image, an object, or text to a PDF file.

You can use the Property inspector’s folder icon or Link box to create links from an image, an object, or text to another document or file.

  1. Select (highlight) the text or an image in the Document window’s Design view.
  2. Open the Property inspector (Window > Properties) and do one of the following:
    —Click the folder icon to the right of the Link box to browse to and select a file.
    —The path to the linked document appears in the URL box.
    —Type the path and filename of the document in the Link box.
    —To link to a document in your site, enter a document-relative or site root–relative path.
    —To link to a document outside your site, enter an absolute path including the protocol (such as "http: // ...").
  3. From the Target pop‑up menu, select a location in which to open the document:
    —_blank loads the linked document in a new, unnamed browser window (or tab).
    —_parent loads the linked document in the parent frame or parent window of the frame that contains the link.
    —_self loads the linked document in the same frame or window as the link. This target is the default, so you usually don’t have to specify it.
    —_top loads the linked document in the full browser window, thereby removing all frames.

DW target link.png
Recommended: Hyperlinks to PDF files should load on "new" pages or tabs.
In the Property Inspector select for the Target of the link "_blank" so that it will open in a new window or tab.
NOTE: Firefox and some other web browsers will NOT open PDF files but will launch the Adobe Reader application instead.

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