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With iDVD on your Mac, you can premiere your movies and photo slideshows on a professional-quality DVD with animated menus, buttons, scene selection, and more. All customizable to suit whatever you’re sharing.

Take Magic iDVD, for example. Open iDVD and choose Magic iDVD. Then pick a theme and select the movies and photos you want to feature from the iLife Media Browser. Magic iDVD automatically creates a complete project — including main menu, buttons, scene selection menus, and slideshow menus — from start to finish. All you do is burn your DVD. The theme’s the thing.

iDVD also lets you customize your DVDs by starting with themes. Choose from more than 150 Apple-designed themes in widescreen and standard format, each providing a family of coordinated screens including main menu, chapters menu, and extras menu for content like slideshows. Many themes feature attractive animations, and every theme offers drop zones that make it easy to personalize your menus by dragging in photos and movie clips from the iLife Media Browser. Go from camera to DVD in OneStep.

Create your own “digital dailies” with OneStep DVD. Plug in your camcorder and iDVD opens, offering you the option of creating a OneStep DVD. Click the OneStep button, and iDVD takes all the footage on your camcorder and burns it to DVD. As you burn your disc, iDVD informs you of its progress, providing stage-by-stage indicators with detailed progress bars — even live video thumbnails.

The Interface

The main window, shown below, is your console for creating your DVD. From here, you can access almost every feature for creating and editing menus, and adding movies, photos, and music to create a dazzling DVD.

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Troubleshooting Burning Problems

Multiplexing Error

If this message appears when you try to burn a DVD, try the following:

1. Under the "Advanced" menu, uncheck the "Encode in Background" option.

2. Under the "Advanced" menu, select the "Delete Encoded Assets" selection and click "OK."

After performing these steps, try burning the DVD again.

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