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iPad stock applications are the applications which come already installed on an iPad.

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On the Home Screen:

The following apps come pre-loaded on the iPad's home screen, which is the main screen that holds all of your application icons. The apps are listed in the order they are arranged on the iPad by default.

  • FaceTime. FaceTime is the video conferencing software that links the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. First introduced on the iPhone, it is actually rather easy to use FaceTime on the iPad.
  • Calender. The calender app will allow you to set up events and share them through iCloud with any other compatible devices such as your iPhone.
  • Photos. Where do all those photos go that you take with the Camera and Photo Booth? They go to an internal folder that can be access with the Photos app. You can also set this app up to do a slideshow. If you aren't going to be using your iPad to take many photos, this app makes a great candidate for moving to the home screen.
  • Camera. The iPad 2 added both a front-facing and a back-facing camera, and both can be accessed through the Camera app. Simply tap the button in the upper-right corner to switch between cameras. You can also go from picture-mode to video-mode with the switch at the bottom right.
  • Contacts. The iPad supports both instant messaging through the Messages app and video conferencing through the FaceTime app, so having your contacts on the iPad can be very handy. Best of all, these contacts can be synced with your iPhone via iCloud, so you never have to worry about manually typing in the contacts from your phone.
  • Clock. The Clock icon gives you the ability to see other times zones on map, set an alarm for yourself, stop watch feature, and lastly, a timer included in the new iOS.
  • Maps. Easily one of the best apps that come pre-loaded, the Maps app is a great version of Google Maps. If you have an iPad with 3G, you can use the Maps program as a GPS for the car. And even if you don't have 3G, the Maps application can be used to get quick directions or look up stores or restaurants in a certain area of town.
  • Videos. The videos application is where you play the Movies and TV Shows you buy on iTunes or transferred to the iPad from your personal library. Many DvDs now come with a digital copy, which can be transferred to the iPad via iTunes.
  • Notes. The equivalent of Notepad on Windows, the Notes app does exactly as you would expect: allow you to type in a quick note.
  • Reminders. The Reminders app can serve two purposes. First, it is great for setting up a reminder. You can choose a day and time for the reminder and even have it repeat on a regular basis. Second, it can be a great task list.
  • Photo Booth. This neat application will let you take fun photos, including one with a twirl effect that will make the image look like it was taken through a circus mirror and stretch effect that can create the longest chin in the world.
  • Newsstand. The iOS 5 update introduced the Newsstand, which is where you can subscribe to digital versions of popular magazines. Many magazines will give you an issue for free so you can try them out.
  • iTunes. The iPad version of the store has most of the same features as the PC version. You can buy movies to play with the Videos app and music to play using the Music app. You can also download any music you bought using iTunes on your PC without actually hooking up your iPad to your PC.
  • App Store. The App Store is where all the fun begins. This application is used to buy games and apps for your iPad. And don't worry, even if you don't want to spend money on an app, there are plenty of great free apps available for the iPad.
  • Settings. If you need to customize your iPad -- such as adjusting the brightness to save battery life or setting up automatic iCloud backups -- the settings is where you want to go. Find out more you can do in Settings.

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  • Game Center. The Game Center holds leader boards and achievements for games that support it. It's a great way to connect with friends, find out what they are playing and coordinate a game night.
  • Find Friends This app allows you to find friends on your contact list within your miles away from you. Use it for finding friends at a crowded arena or picking up your friend at an airport.
  • Tips Discover your device and learn the features of your device. Find out whats new and what has been updated.
  • Podcasts Podcasts are audio, video, or document content in episode format. They cover many different topics including arts, comedy, education, health, news and politics, technology, and more.
  • Agent Allows apps to be installed from WSU Apps as well as handle deployments of updates and security. Do not Delete
  • Find My iPhone or iPad With iCloud enabled, this app will allow you track your iPad as well as other apple enabled devices. Access your Find My iPhone App Online at https://www.icloud.com/#find.
  • WSU Apps is where you can go on your WSU iPad or Android device to download WSU supported apps for free. All apps in WSU Apps are free, including some paid apps such as Notability for iPad. Any WSU device successfully enrolled in AirWatch can utilize WSU Apps.
  • Lynda has a subscription library of over 2000 online courses taught by industry experts covering a wide variety of software tools and skills (e.g., Excel 2013 Essential Training), as well as topics related to leadership, business, photography and other areas (e.g., Leading with Emotional Intelligence).

Apps on the iPad Dock

The dock is the bar across the bottom of the iPad's display. The iPad comes with four apps on the dock, but it can actually hold up to six.

  • Messages. This app will allow you to send an instant message to anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch for free. Messages is a great way to cut down on your text messages bill if you aren't on a monthly plan.
  • Mail. The mail application can be set up through settings. It supports Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, AOL mail and most other forms of email. The Mail app has a universal view that shows all of your incoming email as well as the inboxes broken out by the specific client. It is also a great candidate for remaining on the dock. Helpful Tips and Tricks
  • Safari. This is the default web browser for the iPad. As such, it makes a great candidate for remaining on the dock. You'll find that the iPad makes a great way to browse the web.
  • Music. The music app will let you play music downloaded through the iTunes store or synced from your computer. You can also play music on your PC without syncing to iTunes by using Home Sharing. How to use Home Sharing to Share Music and Movies.

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