InfoPath/Subsite: Creating a Sub Site Within the WSU Form Library

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Under ITS FORMS or Warrior Hub (there may be more of these in the future)

1. In InfoPath, select Site Actions > Create Site

2. Fill in Title, Description, URL Name (no spaces)

3. Select a template: Blank Site

4. User Permissions: Use same permissions as parent site

5. Use the top link bar = Yes

6. Click on Create

7. Site Actions > Site Settings > Advanced Permissions

  • Remove unnecessary users or groups
  • Add in the user or group that is the owner for the subsite
  • New > Add User/Group
  • Give user permission directly
  • Contribute
  • If the group only needs to view submissions.
  • Full Control
  • If the group will have total control over forms, libraries, etc.

8. Uncheck Send welcome e-mail to the new users

9. Click on OK

10.Under Site Actions

  • Under Look and Feel > Navigation
  • Show Subsites
  • Sort Manually
  • Display the same navigation items as the parent site
  • Display only the navigation items below the current site
  • Click on “OK”
  • Under Look and Feel > Tree View
  • Enable Tree View
  • Uncheck Quicklaunch
  • Under Look and Feel > Theme
  • Choose “Granite” or “WSU Theme”

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