Installing Jabber off Campus (PC)

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About this article

This article provides step by step directions for configuring and installing the virtual conferencing tool Jabber on a PC. This article is intended for audiences using the tool on a PC to join a meeting remotely.

Jabber Installation Instructions

Once you have received an email from you may start the process. If you have not received this email contact TLT at include "Jabber" in the subject line or call 507-457-5240, option 2 Monday-Thursday 8:00am-8:30pm, Friday 8:00am-4:00pm.

Complete the Following Steps:

1. Within the email in the first few lines is your Username and Password. You will need these to log in once the application is installed.

2. Click on the link provided in the email to download Jabber, or click on the following link Download Jabber

3. Select Jabber 4.6 and 4.8 folder.

Jabber download PC.jpg

4. Select the JabberVideoSetup4.8.8.exe file for Windows

Jabber Download PC 2.jpg

5. Select Download.

Download button Jabber PC.jpg

6. Open the installation from your downloads and Accept the license agreement and select Next when prompted.

Installation agreement PC Jabber.jpg

Jabber Configuration Instructions

1. Open the Jabber application and select the Tool icon and select the Sign-in Settings from the drop-down.

Jabber login PC.jpg

2. Under Internal Server type

3. Under External Server type

4. Under SIP Domain type

5. Make sure "Start Jabber Video when I log on to my computer" and "Sign in automatically" options are not checked. Select OK.

Signin setting PC.jpg

6. Next check your audio by selecting the Audio tab from the tabs on the left side of the Settings. Under the Microphone section, click on the pull down and select the microphone you are using. Talk to test the microphone. If a green bar appears the device is picking up your audio.

7. Next select the Test button in the Speakers section.

8. Once selected it will play a song to confirm you can hear sound from your device.

9. Next make sure that the volume is turned up on the sliding bar. Select OK.

Screen shot10.jpg

10. Select the Bandwidth tab from the tabs on the left side of the Settings. Set Incoming and Outgoing bandwidth to 384. Select OK.

Screen shot8.jpg

11.Enter your Username and Password information. This information is found in the email from

12.Log out and quit the application when you are not using it. When logged in and active your account is taking up space on the server.

Jabber login username PC.jpg

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