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This article introduces the TeamDynamix(TD) project portfolio management (PPM) system and provides links to related articles for those with various TD roles. It is intended for all faculty, staff, and student employees interested in learning more about the tool.

What's TeamDynamix?


TD is a Web-based, hosted, PPM tool that serves three major functions:

Proposal management

  • Allows anyone to consult a service catalog and submit a work request
  • Allows selected users to add new projects and service tickets directly
  • Supports the analysis of proposed work (e.g., to determine capacity)
  • Manages workflow and notification related to work approval

Ongoing project management

  • Helps manage individual projects and collections of projects or project portfolios
  • Used by all members of the project team, not just the project manager, to improve coordination, communication, and collaboration
  • Supports project planning, including work breakdown and scheduling, resource assignment, and cost estimation
  • Supports ongoing project management, including task updates, issue tracking, stakeholder communication, and variance analysis

Management of non-project tasks or service desk "tickets"

  • Distinguishes between projects and just-in-time or operational tasks.
  • Tracking both types of work in the same system improves capacity planning and time management

For Team Members, Project Managers, and Enterprise Managers

For Project Managers

For Enterprise Managers