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Keyboard Shortcuts (Function Keys)

The keyboard of the current MacBook and MacBook Pro includes several new features. One of the most noticeable changes is that it includes additional media keys and keys to access Exposé and Dashboard, and the media and audio controls.

Function Keys on MacBook (white body)

Mac Funcition Keys.png

Function Keys on MacBook Pro (aluminum unibody)

MacBookPro Function Keys.png

Symbols for Special Keys on Menus

Mac key symbols.png

Table of Common Key Stokes

The following table summarizes some of the more important key board combinations to remember, making your computing faster and easier.



Copy and Paste files

Select. Cmd-C, then Cmd-V

Cut and Paste files

Select. Cmd-X, then Cmd-V

Move a file instead of copying. (Copies the file to the destination and removes it from the original disk.)

Select. Cmd-Drag file to disk

Move selected files to the Trash

Select. Cmd-Delete

Empty the Trash (with warning)


Undo the last action (such as rename file, copy file, etc.)

Cmd-Z (to redo Cmd-Y)

Open Quick Look (Mac OS 10.5)

With file selected, tap Spacebar

Zoom In/Out on a Quick Look Preview

Cmd-Plus(+) or Cmd-Minus(-)

Find by File Name (Mac OS 10.5)


Find by Spotlight

Cmd - Spacebar

Quickly switch between 2 programs

Press Cmd-Tab to switch to the last used program. Press Cmd-Tab again to switch back.

Switch between programs (but you choose which program to switch to)

Press Cmd-Tab and continue holding Cmd.

While holding Cmd, to choose which program you want to switch to you can:

·      press Tab (several times if needed) to scroll right

·      press Shift-Tab or tilde(~) to scroll left

·      use the left/right arrow keys

·      aim with the mouse

·      use end/home keys to just to first/last item

Quit a program using the application switcher

Cmd - Q

Close Window (not application)

Cmd - W

Hide a program using the application switcher

Cmd - H


Cmd - P

Take picture of the entire screen


Take screenshot picture of a selected area

Cmd-Shift-4 and Drag over desired area

Take screenshot picture of a specific window/object

Cmd-Shift-4, then press Spacebar, then Click on the window/object

Copy the screenshot to the clipboard instead of making a file

Hold Control with the above keystrokes

Force Quit (opens list of apps to choose)


Open Front Row


Restart, Sleep, Shutdown dialog (like hitting the Power button on old Mac keyboards)



Other Resources

Official Apple Support page for Mac keyboard shortcuts: (external link)