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As a follow up to the reminder to shred documents, I need to remind you of some important supervisory roles you may need to do if there is employment turnover in your area.

Please make sure you are accounting for all of the hardware as people leave employment. Leased laptops must be returned to IT and all peripheral equipment paid with university funds must stay with the department. If you are in question, technical support can help provide you with an inventory checklist.

Please work with IT before re-deploying computer assets. It is imperative that we help you clean computers, iPads, thumb drives, and all other hardware before you assign it to someone new. We can help you get the hardware cleaned, fixed if broken, and properly documented with the business office before putting the hardware in someone else’s hands.

Please change any ‘desk account’ passwords that may have been known by employees. Just a simple password change on these accounts using the “CTRL + ALT + DELETE” is all you need to do!

Finally, please make sure that any access to outside resources have been removed. Many times departments use cloud based tools that IT doesn’t directly manage. It is up to you to log into those sites and make sure access is up to date.

Summers offer us a time to change gears and do some much needed office cleanup. This year with all of the early incentive separations we are seeing more of offices being purged of old files than usual.

Please do not just empty file drawers into the garbage or dumpster. We owe it to our students to make sure what we are tossing doesn’t contain private data.

If you have access to a large paper shredder please make use of it. If you don’t or there is simply such a large quantity of paper that a small shredder won’t suffice, please consider contacting our campus shredding vendor:

Shred IT www.shredit.com 800 697 4733

All you need to do is pile everything in a secure location and schedule a time for them to come pick it all up! They will shred cd-roms, thumb drives, dvd’s, entire wire-bound notebooks, envelopes, and even documents still in hanging folders. The service is well worth giving them a call.

If you have any questions or would like help determining if something is sensitive or not, please let me know. As I am sure many of you have heard there are some important upcoming changes in regard to data retention that you need to be well appraised. You will be notified this upcoming fall/winter as your accounts are about expire (after the built in grace period which is 1 semester after your end-date). You will have a choice to let your account expire at which time it will be expunged or you may opt to keep your e-mail address for continuity with your contacts.

Should you choose to retain your WSU email address, several things are going to be handled very different than in the past. The essence of these changes is that while you will be allowed to keep your e-mail address you may not keep all of the emails acquired during your course of employment. We know you will have lots of questions and we have done our best to address many of them already on this website:


This site covers what the new policy is, why it is necessary, when to expect these changes to take place, and most importantly what data you are allowed to keep and how you can accomplish it. Along with the policy site listed above, please also read the full FAQ that covers the encompassing list of questions to date. Please read this documentation thoroughly as it covers most questions. As always however if something went unanswered, please let me know and I will update the list for the betterment of all.

Congratulations everyone on another successful academic year. Most of you have probably begun reeling back from the adrenaline rush of the past few weeks, but don’t quite kick your feet up yet! At the end of every semester there are some cleanup tasks that we all must do because of the high employee (both full time and student) turnover that occurs at this time.

• Have you made sure retirees and non-returning students no longer have access to data and applications? • Have you made sure that all university assets they had been using have been accounted and properly cleaned prior to being deployed to a new user? • Does your department use other resources on the Internet that IT doesn’t manage for you? Has their access been revoked from those sites (Think Qualtrics etc.)?

We have put together a FAQ site with a checklist for managers to assist you with this cleanup process. https://mywsu.winona.edu/it/policies/Pages/Training_Managers_Revocation.aspx

Failure to do these tasks could lead to data loss and harm to our reputation. Please go through the checklist thoroughly. If you cannot revoke access yourself or locate equipment, please place a work order with technical support to help walk you through the process.