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  • Can bring laptops to class

About This Article

This article describes how students will use technology in Dr. Kimberlee Snyder's MGMT 334 - Operations Management course and includes links to instructions. It is primarily intended for students currently enrolled in the course.

Adventures in Operations Management

Students in this course use a software application called Adventures in Operations Management (AIOM). This is available for purchase from the WSU Bookstore or online from Hawkes Learning Systems. This is a Windows-only application.

  • PC Users - Students with PCs can install the software on their laptops directly. Installation instructions are included with purchase.
  • Mac Users - Students with Macs must configure their computers to run Windows 7, in addition to their Mac operating system, using a tool called VMWare Fusion. This tool allows Mac users to switch back and forth between the native Mac operating system and Windows. Students can install VMWare Fusion themselves, but for licensing reasons, they must make an appointment with the Technical Support Center to have Windows installed. Then, Mac users can install the AIOM software while running Windows using the PC instructions included with purchase.

Note. If you are downloading AIOM online

  • Students should download the Classic version, not the Custom (DH) version.
  • Once the software is downloaded, students will need to purchase an access code in order to install and use the software.

Getting Started With VMWare Fusion and Windows 7 on a Mac

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