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The Mail application is an alternative way to access your Winona State University Email Account, using a program, rather than logging in using a web browser. There are several steps involved in setting up Mail so that it synchronizes to your WSU Email.

Opening Mail


  • First, you will want to check your dock to see if the Mail Icon is there. It will look like a postage stamp with an eagle on it. If you see that icon, you can simply click on it.
  • If you do not see the Mail Icon in your dock, do not worry. Apple mail is a program that comes automatically installed on everyone’s Mac. In order to find it, simply open the finder, located in your dock. If should look like a blue face.
  • Once in the finder, in the far left column, under places, select “Applications.” Each Application should be in this folder, listed in alphabetical order. Scroll down to Mail, and open it.


Setting up your email account

  • Once you open Mail the first time, it will prompt you to set up your Mail account. This will synchronize the program with your WSU email account.

Setting Up Mail for Mac

  • Before setting up Mail you will need to check to see if you can login to your Microsoft Office 365 account using your WSU password. If your password does not work to login to your Microsoft Office 365 account then you will need to call in to Tech Support to have it setup for you.
  • Once you are able to login to your Microsoft Office 365 account the first screen in Mail will prompt for your WSU Network User Information. Fill in the information that this screen asks for. For your Email address, simply type in your WSU email address and network password that you use to log into your Winona State University Email account. Once you have this finished, click on the “Continue” icon.


  • Your Mail account should automatically connect and start syncing your email. If not move onto the step below.

  • The next step may look complicated, but it is actually very simple. Make sure the account type is set to “Exchange,” which you can find in the drop down menu. You do not have to enter a description because you know exactly what this account is for. In the “Incoming Mail Server,” area, fill in “”. This is so Mail knows exactly where to look for your information. Your username and password are your StarID and password. The Outlook Web Access Server is the same as your incoming mail server. Simply type, “” into the area provided. Once you have finished this step, click continue.


  • This next step is simply confirming your information. Make sure the description says “Winona,” The outgoing mail server should say “” Make sure the “use only this server” option is checked. If you choose to use Authentication, sure your StarID and password are again filled out correctly. Once this is filled out, click “Continue.”


  • The account summary is making sure that your information is correct. If everything is correct, select, “take this account online.” Now you can click on “next.” If there is something that is not correct, you can hit the “Go Back” Option and change that information.

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