Mail Password Troubleshooting for iOS Devices

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Having trouble using WSU email on your WSU-issued iPad or iPhone? Here are some basic troubleshooting steps to help you quickly fix this issue.

Note: Prior to attempting these troubleshooting steps, please use a web browser to sign in to your WSU email account via If you can log in there then proceed with the instructions below. Otherwise, you may need to reset your WSU network Password (WSU). If you are just having wireless connectivity problems on your iOS device, please follow these instructions. If your WSU password changed over the summer or if you are experiencing password issues with your iOS device, please try the following steps: Setting up WSU Wireless on an iPad

Updating your iOS device with your new password

1. Tap the Settings app

2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Tap the WSU account that you need to edit then tap “Account

4. Under "Password," enter your valid WSU password

5. Give it a few minutes to process the changes and sync your email

Give your device a couple minutes to reestablish a connection with the mail server. It may say unable to connect for the first few minutes, even if the password was entered correctly. Please be patient. If you're still unable to retrieve WSU email on your iPad, it may be necessary to contact the Technical Support Center for assistance.