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Fig 1. My Media page in MediaSpace

About this article

This article includes a brief description of the MediaSpace suite of tools offered by Minnesota State, instructions on accessing your MediaSpace account, and links to more information. It is intended for all WSU students and employees.

What's MediaSpace?

Kaltura's MediaSpace Video Portal is a suite of tools for creating, publishing, and sharing video and audio files on the Web. It functions much like YouTube, but without the commercials. The Minnesota State system office covers the cost of MediaSpace and it is available to everyone on campus. You access your personal MediaSpace account and all the MediaSpace tools using your Web browser. You can upload video and audio files to your personal, private MediaSpace account and organize your media into playlists and channels. You can also create media from within MediaSpace. A tool called CaptureSpace Lite is included in the MediaSpace toolset and can be used to capture any combination of your voice, screen activity, and webcam. You can even edit your recordings in CaptureSpace Lite. The MediaSpace toolset includes support for:

  • Unlimited cloud storage of video and audio files
  • Uploading files from your laptop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Organizing your recordings using tags, playlists, and channels
  • Controlling others' access to your online media files using various permissions and roles
  • Closed captioning and transcription of your recordings
  • Basic editing, including trimming, chopping, and creating clips
  • Engaging viewers using embedded elements like interactive quizzes, chapters, and slides

MediaSpace-Brightspace integration

Another great benefit of the MnState MediaSpace service is that it's fully integrated with Brightspace, our campus learning management system. Instructors can embed into their Brightspace courses video and audio files stored in their MediaSpace accounts directly from Brightspace. Students can post video and audio files stored in their MediaSpace accounts to their Brightspace course assignment folders and discussion boards without leaving Brightspace. For instructors, this means they no longer have to try uploading large media files to their Brightspace courses directly or come up with some other way to gather student media files for class projects. Students can easily submit media files to their Brightspace courses for their instructors to review.

Accessing your MediaSpace account

  1. Use your favorite Web browser to go to
  2. Login with your StarID username and password. This takes you to your My Media page (Fig 1) in MediaSpace.

Learning how to use MediaSpace

The following articles include more information about using MediaSpace tools:

More information