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Winona State University supports two media streaming options for students and employees interested in managing university-related video and audio content: Kaltura MediaSpace and Microsoft Stream. These options have different features, limitations, and integrations with other campus tools.

What's streaming?

Streaming refers to the process through which people play large video and audio files online. Rather than downloading the entire file to their devices and then playing it, the file is presented directly and continuously a few seconds at a time, allowing you to begin watching the video or listening to the podcast immediately. The streaming process also buffers a few seconds of the file in advance so that momentary fluctuations in Internet performance will not disrupt the stream. Finally, the streaming process transcodes and compresses the raw file to help it stream continuously and smoothly while maintaining the highest quality playback possible given your device and Internet connection. Files must be stored on special network servers (i.e., streaming media servers) capable of supporting this streaming process.

Commercial streaming services

You are already familiar with popular, commercial streaming media services such as YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix. These services use streaming media servers to deliver their content. Services like YouTube and Vimeo also allow users to upload their own media to the company's streaming servers. Winona State University does not support the uploading and streaming of faculty and student intellectual property to these unsupported services for academic purposes.

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