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About this article

This article includes answers to frequently asked questions about the migration of our email, voicemail, OneDrive for Business, and other Microsoft Office 365 cloud services to the Minnesota State system. This change will affect all WSU students and employees. We will add answers to this article as new questions arise, so check back frequently (you may need to refresh the page to see the updates).

FAQs - Before the migration

Why are we doing this?

This summer, WSU will take the next step towards streamlining our Microsoft Office cloud services, including email and file storage, by migrating them to the Minnesota State system. Having all of these services under one umbrella or "tenant" will improve service quality and facilitate communication and collaboration across the system.

What's actually going to change for me?

Immediately following the migration, you will be required to use a new username to log into your WSU email, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and other Microsoft Office 365 services. Your new username will be:

  • Students: (Example:
  • Employees (Example:
Fig 1. Your new username for email and Office 365

Will my email address change?

No. You can continue to use your current WSU email address (e.g., This migration has no effect on existing email addresses.

Will my password change?

No. You can continue to use your StarID password.

Will I lose access to email, voicemail, and other services?

Yes. The migration will start on Friday, July 21st, at noon and be completed by 7:30 AM, Monday, July 24th. During the migration process, your WSU email, voicemail, OneDrive for Business online files, and other Office 365 services will be unavailable. Your mailbox will also be unable to receive mail during this process, with the duration varying across users. Any email message sent to your WSU email address during this time will be returned to the sender.

What if I need to access files from my OneDrive for Business in the cloud?

If you store files in your OneDrive for Business in the cloud, you will be able to access those files up until the start of the migration at noon on Friday, July 21st. However, we will begin copying OneDrives over to the new system before that time and any changes that you make to your current files will not be replicated to your new OneDrive once that copy process starts. If you want to edit a file during this time, download it to your laptop or desktop and edit that local copy. Then, upload it to your new OneDrive on July 24th. We will begin copying OneDrives on the following dates:

  • Students: 7:30 AM on Monday, July 10th
  • Employees: 7:30 AM on Monday, July 17th

Will I need to re-record my campus voicemail greeting?

Yes. Employees, if you have recorded a voicemail greeting on your campus phone, you will need to re-record it.

What if I try to access my email during the migration?

You will be prompted to enter your username and password. However, your credentials will not be accepted. Please wait to access your email until we are finished with the migration. Check this wiki page for updates. You may need to refresh the page to see the updates.

What if I am teaching during the migration

If you are teaching this summer, you may want to inform your students that you will be unable to communicate with them (and vice versa) using WSU email during this period. Please note that D2L Brightspace will still be accessible.

How will new employees be affected?

If you are welcoming new faculty and staff into your departments and their network accounts have not been created by July 17th, please let them know that any accounts created during the migration period will not allow email access until the migration is complete.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

Maybe. It depends on what Office 365 tools you use. Review the checklist on the Microsoft Office 365 migration article

FAQs - After the migration

Where are my contact groups?

Although all contacts that you entered manually into Outlook (web and software) were migrated, employee distribution lists were not. Employees can contact the Technical Support Center (, 507-457-5240, Somsen Hall 207) for assistance or rebuild their contact lists themselves using an old email message and the steps below:

  1. Open an email that was sent to the people you want to include in the contact group.
  2. In the To or Cc box, highlight all the names with your mouse.
  3. Right-click your selection and then click Copy, or press Ctrl+C.
  4. In Outlook (not in the opened email message), click People.
  5. Click Home > New Contact Group.
  6. Type a name for your contact group.
  7. Click Add Members > From Outlook Contacts.
  8. In the window that opens, right-click inside the Members box, and click Paste, or press Ctrl+V.
  9. Click OK. The people from the email will appear as a list of members for your contact group.
  10. Click Save & Close.

I can login with my new credentials, but I am missing mail, contacts or calendar items. Do I need to do anything?

Signs your email is probably still being migrated:

  • You see your folder list, but they are empty
  • You see some of your calendar events, but not all of them
  • You see some of your contacts, but not all of them
  • Employees: Wait until you receive a message that notifies you that your mailbox has been successfully migrated. If you are still missing items after you receive this message, contact
  • Students/Alumni: You will not receive this email so please continue to check to see that you have everything you should have.

I cannot log in with my login. I receive an error that my account is not recognized or doesn't exist.

  • Ensure you are typing it correctly. for students and for all others
  • Alumni that are seeing this issue can still get to their old email at by logging in with
  • If you've very recently enrolled at WSU (like within the last 24 hours) your email account may not yet be created out in Microsoft 365.

Will the way that I login to my desktop or laptop change?

No. You will continue to login to your desktop and/or laptop the same way you always have.

I can log in at with my StarID and my MinnState login but I don't see my app icons.

  • As licensing is setup in the unified tenant, these apps will gradually begin to reappear, including your Mail app.

I see a different email address when I send email or when someone looks up my name

  • The first school a user was associated with in the unified tenant will be their primary email address.
  • This address will not change to unless the student requests it.
  • Please contact Tech Support if you want to change your primary email to
  • You will still receive mail at your email address.
  • Your WSU email address has not changed.

I can’t log back in to Apple Mail or Outlook on my mobile devices

  • You will have to completely remove your old WSU account or set up a second account for your @ MinnState account.
  • It is not possible to just simply re-enter your credentials to get this working again. It must be a new account setup.
  • You can leave the old account there if you’d like to still be able to see your old emails during the migration.

I reply to email but it shows my StarID @ MinnState as the email address

  • This is temporary. Your primary email address (also known as your primary alias) will display correctly after the migration is complete.
  • If after the migration your primary email address is still displaying incorrectly, please contact the HelpDesk

Where did the files go that were listed under "Recent" in my Office apps?

Recents.png Your "recent" files may be gone or not work when you log back into Microsoft Office 365 (Word, Excel, etc). Those existing files will be linked to your old account so they may not show up or work when you use your new username.

Will I need to re-record my campus voicemail greeting?

Yes. Employees, if you have recorded a voicemail greeting on your campus phone, you will need to re-record it.

When UM gets enabled, an auto generated email is sent from the system to your mailbox. The message is from Microsoft Outlook, and the subject is Welcome to Exchange Unified Message. Please check your "deleted" email folder if you do not find this message in your "Inbox".

The message includes a unique PIN for accessing UM via the phone and instructions on how to access voicemail from the OWA (Outlook Web Access) side. It maybe easier to use the OWA interface for accessing voicemail options and setting up your account.

I got the email saying my migration is done but I can't see all of my email?

My folders have some but not all of my mail?

My student workers can no longer access the shared mailboxes they use for work?

  • Try these instructions:
  • In the Unified Tenant each individual is identified by a single StarID.
  • For someone who is both a student and an employee, they may end up with two different sign-in's for their StarID.
    • will grant access to their student mailbox.
    • will grant access to their employee mailbox.
      • Student employees will be required to log in to their employee mailbox ( to access work resources such as shared mailboxes.
  • It may be necessary to reconfigure Outlook in order to set these mailboxes up again.
  • To re-configure Outlook, follow these instructions:

I lost my iPhone contacts during the migration?

I want to sign in to Skype for Business but I can't find it on my computer?

I want to use OneDrive for Business but I can't find it?

  • OneDrive for Business is now packaged with the standard OneDrive.exe app.
  • The OneDrive for Business functionality is enabled once you sign into OneDrive with your MinnState credentials.
  • To download OneDrive.exe for either Mac or PC, visit this link:

When I log in I see my previous school's email address at the top right?

  • This can be fixed with a call to Tech Support at 507-457-5240
  • Alternatively you can email us at

I can't edit, change, forward, or reply to my currently scheduled recurring meetings?

  • The meeting was created in the previous tenant, then migrated to the current tenant.
  • As such, Outlook attempts to make changes to this meeting in the tenant in which it was created.
  • Since that tenant can no longer be accessed, changes to recurring meetings that were created in the previous tenant may not be saved.
  • It is recommended that if you have recurring meetings that are misbehaving, delete the entire series and recreate the occurrence.

I am getting a Temporary Mailbox window when I open the Outlook desktop software on my PC

Clear credentials.jpg

Select the Clear Outlook Credentials button (click on the blue button located on the right of this page). You will be prompted to download the Migrate_Outlook_Profile.exe program. Once it's downloaded, run it by double-clicking it to clear your old credentials. Make sure you actually run the program by double-clicking it, don't just download it.