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PowerPoint 2008 is a version of the popular presentation application for Mac.

PowerPoint 2008 is an outdated version of PowerPoint. WSU still supports it, but students may update to the latest version of Microsoft Office (including the latest PowerPoint), by utilizing the Software Additions application.

Basic Interface

Powerpoint inteface mac.png

The Powerpoint interface features these elements:

  1. Menu Bar which includes also in the mac some automatic scripts under the icon Automator icon.pngfor the Mac program called the Automator.
  2. The Standard Toolbar. It includes icons for several tools. The "Toolbox" icon will open a "palette" that gives you several menus. See "Toolbox" below.
  3. The Elements Gallery. Clicking on a tab will open an gallery of choices. The first tab opens a gallery of slide themes. To select one will change the current theme for ALL slides. The next tab opens slide formats. To select a format will change the current slide. And so on. For more discussion of these see topics below: Slide Transition, Slide Format, Slide Theme. Clicking on the tab will close up the gallery.
  4. This is the ruler. It will also show tab marks for text.
  5. This is the edit window for the current slide.
  6. This is the space for your "speech notes" -- details you want to discuss but which you do not want displayed on the slide. It can be printed out or will be shown on your Mac screen while the Powerpoint is generated to the overhead projector.
  7. These are the optional views. The current view is the "normal" or editing view. The next option is the Slide Sorter view for organizing all of the slides. The third is for full screen or "slide show" view.
  8. Finally, the last panel pointed to manages individual enumerated slides (in miniature) that are part of the slide series.



The "toolbox" provides a tab of palette options.

First is the Formatting Palette.Mac format icon.png

Then is the Object Palette.Mac object icon.png

Next is Custom Automation for special effects on individual slides.Mac custom automate icon.png

Then is the Scrapbook for keeping copies of items put into the "clipboard," that is, items in "copy" or "cut".Mac scrapbook icon.png

Then Reference Tools, such as dictionary, thesaurus and online references including MSN encyclopedia.Mac reference icon.png

A version compatibility checker is providedMac compatible icon.png

Finally, a Project Manager for organizing PowerPoint presentations with other documents, such as handouts.Mac project icon.png

The palettes, such as the Formatting Palette, shown to the right are expandable.

They will include many menus such as shown here for formatting fonts, style and so on.

External Resources

For help from Microsoft: Click Here!