Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 (Mac)

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 is the latest version of PowerPoint for Mac.


PowerPoint 2011 now includes ribbons (or tabs) categorizing each feature, action, and customization within PowerPoint.

  • Home has all text editing options and text box creation.
  • Themes includes pre-made visual themes users can select for their presentation. It also allows the user to create custom themes for their slides.
  • Tables allows the user to create and manage tables.
  • Charts allows the user to create and manage charts and graphs.
  • SmartArt includes graphics that users can place information into.
  • Transitions lets the user edit their transitions from one slide to the next in their presentation.
  • Animations allows users to customize animations for text and graphics as they appear (or exit) in the presentation.
  • Slide Show has helpful settings for when the user is running the slide show and giving a presentation at the same time. Presentation view is one of these many options.
  • Review has many options for checking over a presentation for spelling errors and other mistakes.