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Although these instructions are mainly for the PC - Mac PowerPoint is basically the same. Any differences are marked below.

A quick and easy way to create professional looking posters is to create them in PowerPoint 2007 or PowerPoint 2010. Posters created in PowerPoint are also the easiest to print at the WSU Media Color Printing Center in Somsen 207.

Important Things to Remember

  • You must resize your canvas BEFORE you begin designing your poster. To size your canvas = In PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 click on Design, then Page Setup. Enter the width and height of your poster here and also if you want it to be displayed as portrait or landscape. (The normal poster size is 24" by 36" - portrait)
  • The canvas that appears will be sized to the dimensions that you inserted above. You are ready to begin designing your poster.
  • KIS - Keep it simple
  • You can add graphics, text, tables, background colors, etc, to make your poster attractive. Be sure to follow copyright laws if you will be using music, video or graphics from the internet.
  • Be careful when working with pictures and graphics. They may distort if you make them larger or smaller than they really are.
  • When your poster is printed on the Somsen 207 Media Printing cartridge color printer the colors may not match exact.

Saving to PDF

  • After you save your completed poster in PowerPoint you will need to save it again as a PDF file. It is the PDF file that you will take/send to Somsen 207 Media Printing to have printed.

To Have Your Poster Printed

Our Internal Help Pages for PowerPoint PC Include

Other Resources

Help on the Web

There are many references for this on the web. Just "Google" it .... Here is one.

On Campus Help

If you need assistance creating your PowerPoint poster:

  • Students - you can call TSC Phone Support at 507-457-5240 to make a DLC 1:1 appointment with the e-Warrior Digital Learning Commons. A DLC STAR will be happy to answer your questions. You can also stop in at the Technical Support Center in Somsen 207 for assistance depending upon STAR availability.
  • Faculty,Staff - Teaching, Learning and Technology Services (located in the Maxwell Professional Resource Center) will be happy to show you how easy PowerPoint is to use for professional looking posters. You can call 507-457-2900 for more information.