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Microsoft Word 2013 is a part of the Office 365 2013 suite. It offers some new advantages from previous versions such as video integration, saving directly to OneDrive, PDF features, and more.

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Embedding Video

Word now has seamless integration with video and text when you embed video into your documents. This makes your documents more like a webpage: more interactive and showcasing multimedia functions.

PDF Features

Also newly added is the ability to open, save, and edit PDF documents in Word.

Viewing Edits, Changes, Etc.

Whenever a change is made from an original document in Word, there is now a way to see what changes have been made. This is especially helpful during the creation and editing of group documents.

Tracking Changes in Word on Lynda

Searching For Online Templates

Word now offers all of their online templates to be searchable within the program. This makes it quicker and easier than ever to find and implement what you need to complete your documents.

New Templates in Word on Lynda