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This article includes a description of all Minnesota State course media codes and is intended for WSU faculty and staff.

What's a Media Code?

All Minnesota State courses are assigned a media code indicating the degree to which the course is supported by technology. The media code is stored, along with other course-related information, in the Minnesota State Integrated Statewide Record System (ISRS). This code is important because:

  • It informs students registering for courses about the course delivery method and related expectations.
  • It is used to filter online courses for inclusion on the Minnesota Online site.

Course Media Codes

A complete list of defined media codes is available on the Minnesota State website. Included with the media code list are important definitions, a description of how media codes are used to assess fees, and descriptions of each of the individual codes.

To see the Minnesota State media code list and the associated descriptions, visit https://www.minnstate.edu/board/procedure/3-36p1g2.pdf.

Online and Blended/Hybrid Courses

  • If you intend to offer a fully online or blended version of a course, please make sure that the A2C2 Notification Form and the TCF are completed well in advance of registration for the term during which you want to offer the course.
  • If you are prepping an online version of a course, are uncertain about whether you will be able to deliver it completely online or using a blended format, and must make a decision about the Media Code, select 09. Once a course is scheduled in a particular classroom, it is much easier to remove it from that classroom if you decide on a fully online delivery later than it is to find a classroom once all classes have been scheduled.
  • All Media Code 03, 12, and 13 courses are listed on the Minnesota State Minnesota Online site. This makes it easy for students from all over the state to find online learning opportunities. It is also an easy way to promote your online course to those other than registered WSU students. It is not uncommon for students from other Minnesota State institutions to shop for online courses that help them meet their requirements at their home institutions, particularly during the summer months.

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