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Setting up Student Email on Windows Phone 7

This information comes from setting up an HTC Arrive running Windows 7.5 Mango

Step 1: Go to the Settings option on your phone

Settings option.jpg

Step 2: Go to the email & accounts setting

Email accounts setting.jpg

Step 3: After you choose the email option, touch the “add an account” option

Add account.jpg

Step 4: Select Outlook

Select outlook.jpg

Step 5: Enter your Winona email address and password.

Enter email.jpg

Step 6: Your user name is your full Winona email again, and the domain is

Enter email1.jpg

Step 7: It will say “We couldn’t find your settings.” Choose the “advanced” option.


Step 8. The server is and make sure the “Server requires encrypted (SSL) connection” is checked. When you hit sign in after you enter the above information, outlook will start downloading your email messages.