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About this article

This article includes information about the Web application MOVEit Securely, a tool provided by Minnesota State for transferring files from one person to another within the system securely. It is intended for all members of the campus community.

What is MOVEit Securely

MOVEit Securely is a tool that lets you securely store, manage and distribute sensitive files between Minnesota State employees and external users. Including financial files, medical records, legal documents and personal data.

With Ad Hoc Transfer, users can avoid the limitations of a mail server. Large files, and multiple file attachments, can be sent quickly and securely. Senders can use a browser, a mobile app, or the Microsoft Outlook plug-in to attach files and send them to an email address.

Composing a MOVEit package with files is similar to composing an email with attachments, but there are some differences. File attachments sent as part of a package are uploaded to the MOVEit server. A 'new package notification' email will be sent to the recipients, to inform them that a package is waiting for them.


For access and support issues, contact Minnesota State IT Service Desk

Phone number: 877-466-6728

For more help on how to use MOVEit Securely, there are links to a Tech Support page and an Online Manual at the bottom of the Sign On page.

Sign on to MOVEit Securely - Secure File Share

Use your favorite Web browser to navigate to

Minnesota State employees should sign on with just their StarID and password (same account used for eTimesheet).

If you have problems with your StarID, visit

Guest Sign On

Guests will use their email and a password that is generated when the Minnesota State employee creates the package. The employee will need to email or give the guest the password that is generated.

If you are on a public computer it is highly recommended that you use the clickable keyboard to enter your username and password so that keystroke loggers cannot grab them.

One-Time Installation

  • If you are presented with an "Install the Upload/Download Wizard" window, follow these steps (only need to perform once): From the home page, scroll to the bottom and select "Send a new package..."
  • Click on the "Install the Upload/Download Wizard" link
  • Follow the instructions for any prompts (if you are using Internet Explorer, you may see prompts at the top of the browser window)
  • Click "Run" or "OK" on any pop-up windows

How to Ship and Receive Packages

Packages are similar to email messages that are sent to specific people or groups. A package contains a note and optionally one or more file attachments. Files that are sent as package attachments are uploaded to a MOVEit server, and a new package notification email is sent to the recipients to inform them that a package is waiting for them. Recipients can click on the web link in this notification, sign on to MOVEit, view the package and download files.

(1) Select Home from the left nav bar

(2) Send Package


Sending a New Package

Enter the email address of who you want to send file(s) to. You are able to email packages to Minnesota State employees or external users.

Minnesota State employees MOVEit Securely will automatically create an account for Minnesota State employees whenever one doesn’t already exist when you enter the email address of a Minnesota State employee and it matches the user’s preferred StarID email address. Their email address will now show up in the address book.

External users File(s) can be sent to external users that do not have accounts with the system. The recipient’s temporary account will be created with the email address you use. If it is the first time that the person is receiving a file from MOVEit Securely, then you will receive a screen (see below) with the PASSWORD for the new account that you will need to share with the recipient. This account will expire after 14 days.


Steps to send a package

(1) Enter the email of who you want to share the package with

(2) Check Recipients – You will receive an error if the email address is invalid

(3) Enter a note - You must enter something in this field

(4) If you do not have any files selected to transfer, it will show Files - Total: 0 B


Select Files for the Package

If the files have not been uploaded to the secure site yet, you will first need to upload them to the secure MoveIt server. Use the Launch the Upload Wizard. If the files are already uploaded, use the Search - Go to Folder in the left nav to attach files (see below).

Upload new files to the MOVEit server

(1) Add a File - browse to the location of the file(s) or folder

(2) Browse for the file

(3) Select upload


Attach file(s) that are already uploaded to MOVEit

Use the Search - Go to the left nav

  • Go to Home/your STARID'


  • Check the file(s) or folder that you want to send for viruses and Data Loss Protection
A list of the files is located under the folder name. After each filename you will see a Checkbox that indicates the file has passed the content scan. You will see a warning icon if it does not pass the anti-virus scan or DLP Data Loss Protection scan.
The list can be sorted by clicking Name, Created, etc. at the top of each column

14 Day Default Expiration

You have the option of changing the time period from the default 14 days the file will be available.



Send your package.

If you are sharing the package with someone outside the organization, you will receive a password that you will have to give to the people you are sharing documents with.


Receive packages

You will receive an email from the person that sent the package with a link to MoveItSecurely login. Users will login with their StarID and Password for Minnstate users and external users will log in with their email address and password they are given to from person sending the files.


Review your packages

From the left nav bar choose Packages. This will give you a list of all pages sent, received or in progress.


Manage Your Address Book

Your address book contains a list of users and groups to whom you may send packages. You can also send packages to registered users not in your Address Book, or to unregistered users, in which case MOVEit Securely creates a temporary user. To view your address book, from the Home page or the Packages page, click the 'Manage your address book...' link.

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