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Windows Movie Maker is a windows application that enables users to quickly create and edit videos. Unfortunately, Microsoft has retired the legacy version of Windows Movie Maker and it is no longer available for download. Microsoft does offer a metro application for editing videos called Movie Maker 10 and is available for download from the Microsoft Store.

Converting FVL or MP4 Files to Edit in MovieMaker

There several utilities that can be used to convert files from FLV or MP4 to AVI which is the file format used by MovieMaker.

Go to CNET's for Freeware and Shareware files. Search for "MP4 to AVI Converter" or "FLV to AVI Converter." You will find many options. Some of the Shareware software requires purchase for full use and may come with serious limitations in the demonstration mode. Freeware software can be, on the other hand, a bit clumsy in design, not easy to use, and can be faulty.

Here are two freeware apps that are reliable, but you may find them a bit confusing to use. There is help documentation for them.