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This page lists applications related to nutrition. There are many more applications available, but here are some that are very inexpensive and still quite functional.

Intended Audience

WSU faculty and students interested in learning more nutrition applications.

Nutrition Applications

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Calorie Counter

Health & Fitness Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal HD is a great app for maintaining a healthy diet to maintain weight, lose weight, gain weight, and just make sure you are eating healthy. This app asks you for your weight as well as your goal weight. It then tells you how many calories you should be consuming per day and allows you to keep a very detailed record of every meal. Apple.png Android.png

Drink Right

Health & Fitness Drink Right is a great app to make sure you are staying hydrated, especially in the winter months when immune systems are at greatest risk for sickness. This app asks for your age, weight, height, average wake up and bedtime, etc. By gathering all of this information it is able to calculate how much water you should be drinking and when. It sends you alerts when you are supposed to drink water, and tells you how many ounces. Apple.png

Foodily Recipe Sharing

Food & Drink Foodily for iPad: Recipe Sharing with Friends is an app that allows you to find and share great recipes. You can “follow” people as you can on a social network. Following other users allows you to see their recipes on your home page. You can make lists and label them such as “dinner ideas” and add various recipes to them for use at a later date. Apple.png


Health & Fitness Fooducate is an app that allows you to enter in all of your fitness goals and your current information regarding your health. Once you have customized your profile with all of your information you can then search different foods and you’ll receive a grade. An A represents a food that is excellent for you and an F is a food you should not consume. Apple.png Android.png


Health & Fitness With one simple swipe you are able to add products or entire meals to your daily menu. It's perfect if you want to lose weight to watch your diet. Apple.png Android.png

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