OS Switch (PC to Mac and back)

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Add a Printer

On PC On Mac
Setup Printer PC Setup Printer Mac

Add Additional Software from the WSU Network

On PC On Mac
Control Panel Installations Software Additions Mac

Access Class Store

on the T drive = "\\winona.edu\dfs\Community\ClassStorage" Go ->Connect to Server. In the dialog box look for "smb://files.winona.edu/classes/"
On PC On Mac
Class Store PC Class Store Mac

Start Menu vs Finder

The Start Menu and Finder are both used to browse through Files such as your Documents, Movies, Music, etc. You can also launch applications from both Start Menu and Finder.
On PC On Mac
Start Menu Finder

Control Panel vs System Preferences

Control Panel and System Preferences allow you to change default settings on your computer.
On PC On Mac
Control Panel System Preferences

Connect to Wireless Internet

Wireless on Mac is referred to as Airport.
On PC On Mac
Wireless Airport

Internet Browser

Internet Explorer is the default for PC, and Safari is the default for Mac.
On PC On Mac
Internet Explorer Safari

File Backup

Listed below are methods to safely backup all of your data on both platforms.
On PC On Mac
PC Backup Mac Backup

Right Click

You can use right-click to access a shortcut menu or commands (like copy & paste).
On PC On Mac
Right Click Two finger's on trackpad to right click

Start Menu Search Bar and Spotlight

These allow you to search for anything on your computer.
On PC On Mac
Start Menu Search Bar Spotlight

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