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WSU & Office 365
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What is Sites?

  • An option available for team members to collaborate together on one Office 365 website

Where is Sites located?


Why use Sites?

  • Three kinds of websites you can maintain: Private, Public and your personal blog.
  • As of right now WSU Office 365 Administrators have turned this option off or is currently unavailable for students to use. Availability is pending.


Team Site

  • End users must have permission by Administrator.
    • You will know you have permission to edit the Team Site by seeing the ‘Edit’ button in the top right.
  • Update, upload (share) and create web documents.
    • Upload files from your computer as well > will override existing file with same name.
    • Allows for users to work on documents at the same time and update live.
    • For people who are not part of the Team Site you may share those documents through OneDrive.
  • Has a Onenote Notebook already created for the site.
  • Add apps, subpages, styles, templates.
    • Subsites would be pages built within the Team Site mainpage..

Has many Categories to integrate into the Team Site under the Insert > Web Part.

    • You may attach any Category > Part to any webpage.

Public Sites

  • Sites that you have followed including the people you are following
  • Must have rights given by administrator

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