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Add a Breadcrumb



Breadcrumb is the list of links that appear horizontally across the top of the web page under the purple ribbon. They allow the user to navigate back to previous page(s) the user navigated through to get to the current page. To edit the Breadcrumb you must have the Top Content dot open.

Change the Default Breadcrumb 'Welcome'

Breadcrumbs show up in the grey bar below the purple ribbon. By default each page will have Home |headline of site homepage |Welcome for the breadcrumb.


Change the default Welcome breadcrumb by opening the red dot next to Welcome.


Fill in the line editor with the name of the page you are on, or what you want the breadcrumb to say. You might want to condense the title.

Custom Breadcrumb for Extra Pages

When an Extra Page is created you will need to create a Custom Breadcrumb for this page.

  • Open the Top Content dot
  • Select Add/Remove Custom Breadcrumb
Custom Breadcrumb

  • Create and Connect Page to create the Breadcrumb list dot
  • Name the dot something like the 'Achievement Award Custom Breadcrumb'
Create a new dot for the Custom Breadcrumb

  • Connect Existing pages to each link you want to show up in the breadcrumb.
  • Most likely you will want to add the Home Page to the breadcrumb.
  • Connect Existing Page
  • Use the Page Search to find the Home Page (usually this is Page ID 8)
Add Existing Pages to the Breadcrumb

  • Open Manage Breadcrumb three-bar red dot
  • Use the Edit Page Order to move the order of the links in the breadcrumb if needed.
Manage Breadcrumb