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Any web page can easily have custom Quick Links, Left Links, or links in the content area. You can add new links or add existing links from a different web page.

Left Links

Add a new Left Link

Click on the red dot near your page's Edit Top Content.


Select Manage Lists of Links red dot


Select Create and Connect Page

Add a headline name. This name will appear as the link in your Left Links.


Click Manage Lists of Links to add more links, rearrange the order the links appear, and other functions.

When you are done, the link will take you to a new blank page.

Now you can complete the creation of your webpage. Start by adding a template.

Add an Existing Left Link

Follow the first 2 steps above.

When you get to the third step, select Connect Existing Page instead of Create and Connect.


It will then take you to a Page Search box. You can either enter the page content or headline. To add more search criteria click the green plus sign circle.


When you see the item that you want to use, select it and it will automatically place the item into your page.

Editing Other Parts of the Left Links Navigation

Click the Edit Top Content red dot


Click the Edit Navigation Label to customize the Label.

Click Edit Label link to make the label into a link.

Quick Links

Add new Quick Links

Open up the Top Content of your page. Then click on Manage Box 1


Click on Create and Connect Page

Select QuickLinks under Content Class Group


Type in a headline (i.e. College of Education Quick Links) QLHeadline.jpg

Select Manage Links QLoptions.jpg

Select Create and Connect Page

Enter in the Headline. This will be the title of the link that appears. LeftLinkHeadline.png

Click Manage Links to add more links, rearrange the order the links appear, and other functions.

Click on the Link you just created to start building a new webpage. Then, you can set up the page Template.

Add Existing QuickLinks

Follow the first 2 instructions in Add new Quick Links.

Instead of selecting Create and Connect Page, select Connect Existing Page ConnectExistingLinks.jpg

Search for the item to add SearchPage2.jpg

Click on the correct item, and it will automatically add it to your links panel.

Add Links inside Content Area

First, you need to add a Topic in the contents area.

Next, Click on the red dot below your topic headline. This will open up the editor. EditContent.jpg

Insert your page content. When you need to add a link to a webpage, simply highlight the word(s) that will become the link. With the text selected, click the hyperlink icon in the editor.

You can also find this under the insert menu option. (Insert>Insert Hyperlink)


Click on the Internet tab. Insert the URL in the blank area next to http://

  • Note: You can copy the URL from the address bar in your web browser and paste it into the Hyperlink box.


Click Insert.

The link will appear blue and underlined in the editor. Select Save and Close.

Your content is saved and you can view it on your webpage. The links you have added will show up purple in your webpage.

  • Best Practice: Double check to make sure your links take you to the correct pages before publishing.