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Adding a Topic in your webpage will allow you to post your page's main content information.

Click on the Manage Topics red dot.ManageTopics.jpg

Select Create and Connect Page

In the next window, select the proper content class, Interior Content Topics


Then add the headline. This won't appear anywhere on your visible web page.


Then on your webpage you will see a few new red dots, and a header called Topic. TopicLabel.jpg

Select the red dot next to "Topic" to edit the headline of your page.

The red dot below is where you will enter in your page content by using the Open Text editor.


You can copy your information from a text document and paste it into the editor.

  • Best Practice: Use formatting, like bolding and italics, sparingly.
  • If you do need to use formatting functions, use them inside the Open Text editor versus from the text document that you are copying from (i.e. Word).
  • To add additional headings to the content area within the editor select Heading1 from the paragraph styles drop down.
  • You can also add additional headings with the Manage Topics dot. Each additional Topic shows up as another heading.