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Logging Into OpenText

  • If you are working from off-campus, you will need to make a VPN connection first, before accessing OpenText.
  • Launch your web browser and navigate to Note that you must use "https," not "http." You might want to bookmark this site for future access.
  • Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for PC's and FireFox is the preferred browser for Mac's. Note: Mac users will not be able to use the Page Preview in this OpenText. There is a browser incompatability for this function.
  • Enter your WSU user name and password. Select Start.

Figure 1. Login screen

Selecting a Project

  • Click the Select Project button located in the top right corner of the screen (Figure 2)
  • Select the project or site on which you would like to work. If you do not see the website that you would like to make edits to, you will need to notify the WebAdministrator for access. Access is only give to users that have had the appropriate training. Contact TLT if you need training in OpenText.
Figure 2. Select a project