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Figure 1. Selecting search criteria


The OpenText Search tab provides you with a very powerful search tool that will become even more important as your site grows. You can run searches using multiple criteria and you can save those searches to run again later, which saves you time.


Selecting Search Criteria

  • Select the search criteria drop down arrow (Figure 1) to view the list of criteria. Pick one. You can do this again to apply multiple criteria to a search.
  • Enter keywords and other required information (Figure 2) and then select the Run Search button. The results of your search will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Searches that result in many hits may be listed across multiple pages. Use the page switching tool to cycle between pages of search results.

Saving a Search

If you think that you will need to run the same search again in the future, save it by selecting the Save button (Figure 3). Give the search a name and it will then be displayed under the My Searches heading on the navigation tree on the left.

Pro Tips

  • Saved searches can be added as widgets to the Homepage tab. This can be a handy way to build a custom dashboard on the Homepage tab that provides easy access to the pages you modify frequently.
Figure 2. Running a search
Figure 3. Saving a search