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To get the correct URL to your webpage, you need to change the filename to the Main Page dot. If the filename is left blank, the URL to the page will default to the Page ID associated with the Main Page dot(ex:


  1. You must open (i.e., click) a red dot first.
  2. To get to the Short-cut Menut: Right-click (PC users) or for (Mac users) use your Secondary Click on the opened Main Page red dot, a shortcut menu will appear with Edit Properties as an option.
    1. If you right-click on a dot that is not open you will see 'Administer categories and Keywords'.
Opentext smartedit publish.jpg
  1. Select Edit Properties
  2. In the File Name field you can add a new name or edit an existing name. The file name should be all lower case with no spaces. If there is more than one word in the file name, it is recommended that you use dashes in between words. Note: You do notneed to add the extension to the end.
  3. Click the OK button on the lower right of the Text Editor window. This will bring you back to the SmartEdit window.
  4. Publish the page.

Pro Tips

It is very important that the filename for the Main Page red dot is changed to something that reflects the content of the page. Search engines use this field to find the page. Filenames should not contain spaces. If a space is left in the filename a %20 will be added for the space character in the filename. (ex: OpenText%20Classes.aspx). If two words are needed in the filename then a dash should be used inbetween the words. Search engines will then be able to read the name as two words. Filenames with more than one word should not be put together as one word with Captital letters for each word. This too would not be readable to Search Engines. For more informatin, see Web Standards & Best Practices Section IV. Content