OpenText Training Project

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Project Charter

Develop staff OpenText training opportunities and support services to be provided by TLT.

Needs and Requirements

  • End of project must coincide with the release of the new WSU Web site
  • Must support new version of OpenText and WSU policies and procedures for new Web site
  • Support users at all levels of expertise
  • Provide both scheduled (e.g., 1:1 appointments, group workshops) and just-in-time (JIT) support. JIT support must be provides through both staff contact (e.g., drop-in, phone, email) and online self-service.
  • Multiple TLT staff must be tasked with providing support
  • Need training for workflow, need to decide on boundaries for basics, intermediate
  • Training will be template-sensitive

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop curriculum for a series of OpenText workshops
  • Publish self service learning materials on the TLT wiki
  • Establish methods for gathering user feedback and assessment
  • Dec 16 (Dec 2 to beta test with selected departments) - Training should be ready for selected groups
  • Online quick checklist versus the guide provided by James Tower

November 16 Meeting


  • Existing content. What sites/pages will be moved? What proportion of content will be moved? How many users will have zero content moved? What is the process for notifying users and moving existing content? TLT needs to know how to communicate the process to users and we may need to divide users with content and users without.
    • Departments in the launch...Todd will get us the list...colleges, admissions, registrar, financial aid, warrior hub. 18th-30th they will proof what is up there...they will prioritize departments not on the launch list...submit a project request through ITS project intake...we will offer training...Office of Comm will provide a service for consultation on content (not authoring) repository...they will take pictures...
  • Developing good instruction around when to use certain templates. Can names be changed? Can descriptions be added? Can templates that aren't used be filtered out? We need more information about who can do what with what templates.
    • OT7 is very flexible, we will look at pages that have used the OT7 template...get some idea of the different layouts...higher level have greater complexity...template specific learning materials...
  • Instruction on adding adding Tab Controller - any restrictions?
    • Most users will not use templates that tab controller.
  • Editor - Have we decided on the Telerik editor. Are there browser differences? Does everyone get to choose editors?
    • All users can select the editor...need to do some testing.
    • Content class timing...they should have that training before they have their site up...
    • Dreamweaver...will need to use a template...