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You can use Picasa to create a stand alone web site or web page for display of your picture.

The automated routine permits you to select some options for display, including a choice between a one-page scripted "slide-show" mode and a multi-page version that uses an index with thumbnails.

Picasa export html.png

The following instructions illustrates the multi-page.

Creating a Multi-Page Index or Gallery of Photos for the Web

Illustration of Dialog Box for Exporting as HTML Page...
  1. Open Picasa.
  2. Select the source folder of your photos. Note: you can create a new folder of selected photos for the purpose.
  3. With the source folder selected, use the menu Folder>Export as HTML Page... to bring up the dialog for creating a web-based gallery/index. See the illustration on the right.
  4. Choose Export pictures at... "800 pixels (for large web pages)" for your image size.
  5. Name the Web page title...
  6. Select a folder/location to save these files.
  7. In the illustrated example choose "Template 3, 2-page white background"
  8. Click on Export
    NOTE: The files generated include a "home page" (index.html) and sub-pages (target1.html,target2.html, etc.)
    as well as the generated images that your need (thumbnails and larger images).
  9. The generated HTML will be automatically opened in your default browser.

You can then mount this web folder where you wish.

You can mount it to the Picasa Web site or to your portfolio. For instructions on how to integrate it with your portfolio web, see

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