Playing lynda videos on mobile devices

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Lynda in Apple App Store

About this article

This article includes instructions on playing lynda videos using the mobile app on tablets and phones. It is intended for all members of the campus community who have a university account and a mobile device.

Before you begin

Before you can view lynda videos on your tablet or phone, you need a WSU account. When you run the app for the first time, you will have to enter the username (your WSU email address) and password (created by you) for your lynda account. You will also need to install the app on your mobile device.

Playing lynda videos

The steps for playing lynda videos are similar for both the iOS and Android versions of the mobile app:

  • Select the video to open it on your screen. The video should start playing immediately, assuming you have not turned off the auto-play setting. The elapsed time will display underneath the video. As you watch the video, the controls will disappear from the screen automatically. You can also tap anywhere in the video screen to make the controls disappear. Tap again to restore the controls.
  • Select the two vertical lines button to pause the video. Select the triangular button to start the video.
  • Select the 10 with the counter clockwise arrow button to rewind the video 10 seconds
  • Drag the slider under the video to move to a specific point. The elapsed time will change as you move the slider.
  • Select the gear button under the video to access three video settings: CC (toggle on/off), Speed (increase/decrease playback speed), and auto-play (toggle on/off). Tap each setting to change it if desired. Tap the video screen to close the settings and return to the video.
  • Select the multiple arrows button in the lower right corner of the video to expand the video window to full screen. Tap the button again to exit full screen mode.
  • The iPad and iPhone version of the mobile app supports picture-in-picture (PIP). Select this button in the upper right corner of the video window to play the video in a small window that will overlay any other application. You can drag this window around the screen. This allows you to use other applications on your device while you are watching a lynda video. Note that you need to leave the lynda app running to maintain the PIP (i.e. you will need to access another application by double-pressing your Home button).
  • The Android version of the the mobile app allows you to Listen to Audio only. Select that choice to turn it on, and then select it again to return to the video playback.

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