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In PowerPoint 2007 - click on Main Logo PP Logo.jpgup in the top left hand corner – go to PowerPoint Options > Popular > Show Developer Tab in Ribbon > Click on OK.

NOTE: This will only work if you are connected live to the Internet. If you are not connected live to the Internet while presenting you will get a blank screen.

In your PowerPoint presentation, on the appropriate slide, click where you want to embed the movie.

1. Click on Developer Tab in menu - >More Controls > Shockwave Flash Object> OK.
2. Drag out the box to the size you want the video to be. This can be resized and moved. Control Box looks like this:
3. In your Internet Browser find the video that you want to embed into your presentation. Copy the URL Code from the video you want to embed (Ctrl C).
4. In PowerPoint, right click on control box and choose Properties.
5. In the Properties Dialog Box you need to:
    • Paste (Ctrl V) the URL Code into the MOVIE property field.
    • Change the UTL code.
    • Delete the words watch?
    • Change the equal sign (=) to a forward slash (/)
    • Do not change the Embed Movie field to True.
    • You can change the LOOP options with True or False.
6. Click on the X in the top right of the Properties box. Video should now be viewable in the slide in presentation view.If you get the message “Embedding disabled by request” you will not be able to view this video in PowerPoint.

You can embed your video into other graphics to enhance the appearance.

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