Preparing Grades in D2L for Automatic Export to ISRS Grade & LDA Entry

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The MnSCU eServices Grades and LDA Entry page where faculty post official final grades now allows for the import of grades from the Desire2Learn (D2L) Brightspace Grades Tool. Instructors who already use the Brightspace Grades Tool can import them directly from their Brightspace course. This import feature works for both merged and unmerged Brightspace courses. Before faculty can import grades from a Brightspace course, the grades must be converted to an acceptable, official format. The following three sections (i.e. I. Set Grade Scheme to Symbol, II. Release Final or Adjusted Final Grades, and IV. Importing Grades to ISRS using the eServices Grade and LDA Entry) explain the process. To avoid errors, it is strongly recommended that faculty follow these four steps in order.

Step 1. Assign a grade scheme to your final grade column

In order to export your final grades to ISRS from Brightspace, they must be listed as a letter grade in Brightspace. Only the A, B, C, D, and F symbols can be used, no pluses or minuses. Any students who have other symbol entries (e.g. I, IP, AU, or W) or have non-earned grades will need to be entered manually into ISRS and some will require an LDA (Last Date Attended) as well. This assumes that you have assigned a grade scheme to the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade column. To learn more about grade schemes, see the following articles:

Step 2: Set your final grade column to display letter grade symbol

Once you have the desired grade scheme applied that transforms the total points/weight into a letter grade, you need to configure your Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade to display the letter grade symbol only:

1. Within the course select the Assessment tab and choose Grades.

2. Click the Edit option from the Final Calculated Grade or the Final Adjusted Grade drop-down menu.

Grade Scheme to Symbol Step 2.jpg

3. Within Grade Scheme section select Basic Grade Range option.

Basic Grade Range.jpg

4. Click on the Save and Close button.

Step 3: Release Calculated Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grade

All grades must be released before they can be exported. In the following steps you will select whether you want Calculated Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grades to be exported.

1. In the Enter Grades page select Setting (see top right).

Grades Export Settings.jpg

2. Click the Calculations Option tab.

3. Under the Final Grade Release section choose Calculated Final Grade or Adjusted Final Grade to be released.

4. Select the Save and Close button.

Step 4: Import Grades to ISRS using eServices Grade and LDA Entry

The final step of import is to log into ISRS using the eServices Grade and LDA Entry pages.

1. Access your official ISRS grade entry page using your Star ID and Password. Click on this link: Next Select Grade and LDA Entry from the left navigation bar.


2. Make sure you have the right semester selected and then click on Enter Grades.


3. Select Import from D2L at the bottom of your class list.

Export Grades Grade Import to ISRS.jpg

3. After selecting the Import from D2L button the system will ask you to login to D2L if you are currently not and allow the system to pull this data over to Grade and LDA Entry.

Export Grades Grade Import to ISRS Pull from D2L.jpg

4. Successful imports will have Imported under the Grade Status column and a letter grade will appear in the Grade column.

Export Grades Grade Import to ISRS view.jpg

5. If there were any errors that occurred during the import process they will appear in the Errors/Warnings column and at the top of the page and can be viewed by clicking on the Details button. NOTE: If you do have errors and click the Details button you will want to print this page so you have a record.

ISRS Errors.jpg

Again, only letter grades (i.e. A, B, C, D, and F) will import automatically. Also, don't try and use letter grades with plus and minus as our system will not allow this type of grade. All others types of grades (see list below) will require manual entry as usual.

a. Audit is indicated by AU.

b. If a student registered on a Pass/No Credit basis (Grade Method: 04 or marked as P/NC), indicate P or NC.

c. Incomplete, recorded as I, is used only at the discretion of the faculty member. For undergraduates, incomplete grades are administratively changed to a failing grade at the mid-point of the following term, not including the summer term. Graduate students have one year to clear an incomplete.

d. In-Progress, recorded as IP, is used for course work that, by design, is not expected to be completed within the current term. For both undergraduate and graduate students, in-progress grades remain on the student’s transcript for one calendar year before being administratively converted to an F.

e. If a student never attended, please choose “Never Attended” and administer an F.

6. After grades have been entered you will need to Post Final Grades as normal by authenticating with your StarID to complete the process.

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