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Intended Audience

WSU faculty using D2L Brightspace and wanting to use D2L Assignment Grader to assess student work on their iPads.

Viewing submitted documents

There is a pull-out drawer on the left edge of Assignment Grader. Click the right-pointing arrow just below the Users button at the top left to open the drawer. The drawer contains a picture of the student (if one is available in Brightspace), a short message from the student and all attached files.

The drawer can be closed by tapping the left-facing arrow in the top bar of the drawer.

The preview of the drawer are visible at the top left of the document in the image below.


Adding written, audio and video feedback

The annotation tools (shown near the center of the image) can be dragging from the right edge of Grader and returned after the tool selection is made. There are five tools available in the tool set. Starting at the top and moving downward:

  1. The Highlighter allows the professor to add highlights to passages in the submission. Colors can be selected for the highlights and highlight-specific comment boxes can be added through the tool option panel at the top right corner of the app. There is a sample highlight near the center of the sample. Simply activate the tool and drag a finger across the the text to highlight.
  2. The Marker tool looks like a finger drawing a line and allows the professor to add custom markup to the document. These hand-drawn markups can also take the form of text if the professor desires. Colors can be selected for the annotations and annotation-specific comment boxes can be added through the tool option panel at the top right corner of the app.
  3. The Comment tool creates a Post-It style note on the submission. The professor can type general comments directly into the comment box. (It should be noted that there are also comment boxes available within the Highlighter and Marker tools that associate the comments directly to the specific annotations.) The image on the right shows a comment at the top center.
  4. The Underline and Strikethrough tools do just as you would expect. They underline and strike through text, respectively. Simply activate the tool and drag a finger across the the text to annotate. There are sample underlines and strikethroughs next to the Underline and Strikethrough tools in the sample.

The Score at the top of the drawer can be manually entered or generated from the assessment within the Rubric. (There is more information on the Rubric tool below.)

Feedback is a freeform area used by the professor to type in comments to the student.

Record is used to record audio or video feedback tot he student. Select the medium you wish to use and click record (the dot). When you are done, click stop.

All recordings and feedback are automatically attached to the submission when you move to the next ungraded submission by clicking the right-pointing arrow at the top right. In the image here, that would be the right-pointing arrow directly following the 10 of 19 indicator showing you are assessing the tenth document of 19.

Using a Rubric


Assignment Grader supports the use of Rubrics as part of the assessment process.

Rubrics are optionally created in Brightspace as part of the definition of the assessment. If a Rubric is associated with the Dropbox, click on the Rubric icon in the feedback drawer at the left of the Grader window and click the buttons in the Rubric to assign the values. (The Rubric entry and icon are visible in the image above. If there is no Rubric defined for this Dropbox in Brightspace, you will not be able to click into the Rubric to use as part of the assessment.)

Once you are done updating the Rubric,

  1. Tap Cancel to discard all updates to the Rubric.
  2. Tap Save to save the updates without updating the student's grade.
  3. Tap Save and Record to save the updates and set the student's score to the total value from the Rubric.

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