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Intended Audience

This article is intended for instructors interested in using Brightspace Quiz tool for online assessments in their courses.


The Quiz tool allows you to create new or import quiz questions from other exams or textbook publisher's. The Quiz tool can be enabled to randomize questions, pull sections of questions from a Quiz Library for the creation of cumulative or comprehensive examinations. The following sections in this article provide directions for creating quizzes and adding questions, importing questions, randomizing sections of quiz questions, creating bonus questions, granting special access to users for a quiz, associating quizzes with grade items, and setting up submission views so students can view their results.

Creating Quizzes and Adding Questions

The Quiz tool provide instructors many different ways to take advantage of creating, managing, assessing, and improving quiz questions. This process takes time, but the benefits of designing your quizzes withing the Brightspace Quiz tool allows you to build on the skills you will learn within this article. To begin learning how, please view the following video.

Creating a New Quiz With Questions

Importing Questions

Questions can be pulled from previous quizzes, Question Libraries, Surveys, Self Assessment, a CSV text file, or Learning Objects Repository (LOR). The following video provides explanation of the importing process from a previous quiz. If you would like to learn more about importing different types of imports you can learn more by going to the Minnesota State Importing Quiz Questions Resource.

Creating a New Quiz with Imported Questions

Randomizing Sections of Questions

Randomized sets of questions provide a powerful way to deter academic dishonesty on quizzes. This is done by creating a Random Section of question within a quiz and the video below show how to build this type of special Section to create a final exam. Note: A randomized set of questions must be of the same point value. To address this simply create another randomized set of questions with the higher or lower point value.

Building Randomized Sections of Questions

Granting Special Access to Users

At times a student will need to have special access to a quiz for more time, unique testing conditions, or for group exam. Note: When selecting the Type Special Access be sure to select the correct choice for each individual or group of students you are granting special access (i.e. Option 1: Allow selected users special access to this quiz or Option 2: Allow only users with special access to see this quiz). Option 1 is typically what we see instructors using for students who are taking the same exam under unique conditions. Option 2 will allow only the selected student(s) to see and take this exam.

Granting Special Access to Users

Associating Quizzes with Grade Items

Connecting a quiz to a Grade Item is a powerful way to provide timely feedback and help students better understand how they are performing in your class with a comprehensive set of grades in your course. A quiz can be set to automatically grade and export these scores to the Grade Tool and the following video explains the process of setting this up.

Associating Quiizes with Grade Items

Setting up Submission Views

By default, students can see their score on a quiz. Many instructors want their students to view what questions they answered incorrectly. A Submission View can be configured to allow as much feedback as you want and when. The following video covers the process of creating a Submission View.

Creating Submission Views

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