Requesting a D2L sandbox class

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About This Article

This article describes how to request a Brightspace sandbox class. This page is designed for instructor use.

About this article

This article describes applications for Brightspace sandbox courses and how to request one from TLT. It is intended for instructors and others members of the WSU community who are interested in using Brightspace for an instructional purpose that is not associated with an official academic course or term or simply to stage a course before it is offered officially to the student population.

What is a sandbox course?

While Brightspace course shells are created automatically every term for every section of every course being offered for academic credit, TLT can also create Brightspace course shells manually at any time for other purposes. Instead of associating them with a particular semester, these courses are assigned to special categories like "Sandbox" or "Professional Development." These sandbox course shells have all of the features and functions of academic course shells and can be used as long as needed. You can also have as many different sandbox courses as you need. Here are some popular applications:

  • Stage an upcoming academic course. Although academic course shells are available for preparation purposes months before the start of a given term, you may want to begin working on a course even sooner or you may want to work on a proposed course that's not on the books yet. Use a sandbox course as a staging area for an upcoming academic course. Take as much time as you need to build the course, perhaps working with colleagues from your own or other departments who can also be enrolled as teachers. Copy it over to your academic course shell when it's ready. Tweak the sandbox course as you gain more experience teaching the academic course.
  • Workbench for building learning activities. Sandbox courses are great places to develop new projects, rubrics, content, or just about anything in Brightspace without having to worry about experimenting in a live course. Again, invite your colleagues to collaborate.
  • Develop non-academic courses. Build courses and professional development opportunities for your department, your student workers, or other campus groups that are not limited to the duration of an academic term. When you are ready, TLT can help you enroll people or you can use the self-registration feature of D2L to allow people to enroll themselves.
  • Develop a shared department or course repository. Store and reuse learning materials and activities within your department or across the faculty who teach a particular course. Combine a sandbox course with a Brightspace Learning Object Repository to fully support resource sharing and reuse in Brightspace.

How do I get a sandbox course of my own?

To request a sandbox course, email Please include:

  • The title you would like assigned to the course
  • A brief description of how you will be using the course
  • A list of any other people who need access and at what level (e.g., teacher, student)
  • How soon you need it.