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About this article

This article provides an overview of the process for requesting a Jabber account. This article is intended for audiences using the tool to join a meeting remotely.

Do I Need A Jabber Account?

Jabber is a client based system allowing users to connect to a traditional video conference system from a workstation or a laptop. This allows learners to remotely attend classes they otherwise would not be able to participate in, allowing a full interactive experience. If you are a distance learner joining your courses consistently from a remote location you will need a Jabber account. If you are joining a class remotely occasionally (travel, illness etc.) you will also need a Jabber account and will need to complete the process below. All requests must be made in advance. Accounts are built manually and require a testing session with a TLT staff member. Last minute requests right before a session will not be accepted.

Requesting a Jabber Account

Jabber accounts must be build manually by TLT staff. To request a Jabber account send an email to with the following information.

  • To:
  • Subject Line: Jabber Request

In the body of the email please include the following information.

  • Winona Email
  • Full Name
  • Contact Number
  • The Course Number
Jabber Request image.jpg

Once TLT has received your request they will start the process of building your account. Once the account is built you will receive and email from with your Username and Password. Once you have received this email complete the installation process for Installing Jabber off Campus (PC), Installing Jabber off Campus (Mac)

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