Restoring Your Files On Your New PC Laptop

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File Management Series

Restoring Your Files From a Backup

If you have backed up any of your Library Folders to an external drive please do not just copy over the whole data folder to the new structure. If you look at the structure you will see that it contains subfolders where the individual files should be saved to. You want to avoid duplicating folders. Below is an image of the new C:\Users\<StarID> directory. You can see that there are already folders there for you to copy your data into.

PC User Dir.jpg


Files should be copied from:

  • D:\Data\My Documents into C:\Users\<StarID>\My Documents

You should copy the contents (all folders and files) in My Documents folder under D:\Data\My Documents and drag them into C:\Users\<StarID>\My Documents on your new laptop.

  • D:\Data\My Pictures to the C:\Users\<StarID>\My Pictures
  • Do this process for each folder